Palden Sakya Phuntsok Ling (Sakya Centre Dunda)

Palden Sakya Phuntsok Ling is a branch of the Sakya Centre established in the town of Dunda, a small town located in the hills of Uttarkashi about four hours drive away from Dehradun. Many of the people of Dunda are of Tibetan origin and embrace their faith with much devotion and earnest dedication. Built in the year 2000, the temple grounds were offered by the people of Dunda to His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin during his first visit to Dunda in 1984 with the sincere hope that His Holiness would build a Sakya temple there.

Sakya Centre has sent resident lamas to Dunda on a regular basis over the years, so that the monks may provide the locals with a Buddhist education, look after the maintenance of the temple, and perform the necessary rites and rituals for the sick and infirm of Dunda.  During His Holiness’ initial visit to Dunda in 1984, His Holiness gave a Dharma teaching and also bestowed a Long Life Empowerment in order to create a Dharmic connection with the people of Dunda. He blessed and consecrated the offered land, and also performed a ground-breaking ceremony. Once the building of a small temple was completed, the people of Dunda requested His Holiness’ august presence for its formal inauguration in 2000. On this visit, His Holiness performed a Peaceful Vajrakilaya Fire Puja, and bestowed a Long Life Empowerment to firmly establish the Dharma connection with the people of Dunda.  Since that time, many teachers have returned for auspicious activities at the temple.