Kalimpong Sakya Monastery

The Kalimpong Sakya Monastery, located among the Himalayan mountain ridges of West Bengal, is the only Sakya monastery in the region and, as such, is a project of preeminent importance.

One of the primary aims is to offer education to the Buddhist children who can’t afford to go to school. With this goal as inspiration, and under the direct guidance of Khondung Ratna Vajra, the effort towards making Kalimpong Monastery a reality has borne fruit in a well-planned monastic community-in-progress, with buildings under construction and a balanced curriculum of study, for the 150 young monks who are here now, and for the eventual several hundreds monastic students from India, Nepal and Bhutan in the future. Follow the link below for more and how you can help.

More About Kalimpong Sakya Monastery