Audio Teachings

JULY 8, 2011: GLOBAL ECOLOGY FROM A BUDDHIST PERSPECTIVE (Teaching Given During Public Talk in Minneapolis, MN, 2011 Western Hemisphere Tour): AUDIO FORMAT (click here to listen)

PRAYERS: AUDIO FORMAT (click on the links to listen)

Long Life Prayer for His Holiness Sakya Trizin (mp3: 2:22 min)

Prayer to Manjushri (mp3: 6:32 min)

Long Life Prayer for His Eminence Ratna Vajra Rinpoche (mp3: 2:22 min)

Prayer for the Happiness of All That Lives (mp3: 8:53 min)

Prayer for Concluding Long Life Prayers (mp3: 0:45 min)

Prayer for the Pure Realm (mp3: 2:22 min)

Praise to the Triple Gem (mp3: 2:01 min)