His Holiness 2018 teaching schedule as known to date is as follows; follow the links on the right for reports and photos of these completed events where available.
April 5 – April 9: Boston, Massachusetts (see link on right)
April 13 – April 15: New York City, New York (see link on the right)
April 20: NYC: Tibet Fund (see link on right)
April 21: NYC: Bhutanese Association: (see link on right)
April 22: NYC: Sakya Tsechen Association (see link on right)
April 23: New York City (Rubin Museum) (see link on right)
April 27 – April 29: New York City, New York (see links of right)
May 3 – May 7: Silver Spring, Maryland (see link on the right)
May 21 – July 11: Walden, New York (see link on  right)
July 13 – July 16: Minneapolis, Minnesota (see link on the right)
July 21 – July 22: Santa Fe, New Mexico (see link on right)
July 28: Los Angeles, California (see link on right)
July 29: Santa Monica, California (see link on right)
August 3 – August 8: San Francisco Bay Area, California (see links on right)
August 11 – August 12: Eugene, Oregon
August 14 – August 15: Portland, Oregon (see link on right)
August 18 – August 19: Seattle, Washington (see link on right)
August 20 – August 22: Madison, Wisconsin
August 23 – August 26: Chicago, Illinois

Personal Audiences

His Holiness is currently in the United States. When he is in residence at Tsechen Kunchab Ling (U.S. Seat of the Sakya Trizins of the Dolma Phodrang located in Walden, NY) he is often available for audiences between 10:30 am and noon. Please contact the Temple (click here for contact information) to arrange a visit.

Special Dates

Auspicious Dates in the Buddhist Calendar
Annual Grand Drubcho Schedule (India)

2018 U.S. Events

Follow the links to the venues’ websites for reports and photos of these events where available.

April 5-9, 2018: Boston Area: A series of empowerments and ceremonies (Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies). Click here for details and to register.
April 14-15, 2018: New York City, “Medicine Buddha” Two–Day Major Empowerment (Vikramasila Foundation)
April 20, New York City: Conversation with HH the Sakya Trichen and Richard Gere on Wisdom and Compassion for Challenging Times (Sponsored by Tibet Fund)
April 21: NYC: Vajrakilaya Empowerment: Bhutanese Association
April 22: NYC: Sakya Tsechen Association
April 23: New York City: Rubin Museum: Talk and Book Signing
April 29: Empowerment of Sakyamuni Buddha and Public Talk (Himalayan Buddhist Community of Nepal in USA)
May 3 -6: Washington DC Area: 21 Tara Initiation Cycle, Four Mandala Rite & Teaching, Long Life Empowerment (Sakya Phuntsok Ling Center for Tibetan Buddhist Study and Meditation)
May 21-July 11, 2018: Lam Dre 2018 (Tsechen Kunchab Ling Temple, Walden, NY)
July 29: Santa Monica, CA (Sakya Buddhist Center, Los Angeles)
July 13-15, 2018: All are cordially invited to join the 2nd Annual North American Sakya World Peace Monlam, in Minneapolis, Minnesota!
July 21–22, 2018: Santa Fe, New Mexico (Tsechen Namdrol Ling)
July 28: White Umbrella Initiation and Public Talk (Los Angeles Sakya Center)
August 3-4: Empowerment of Vajra Nairatmya (EWAM CHODEN; San Francisco Bay Area)
August 5: Maha Guru Empowerment, and Dharma Talk (Tibetan) (BAY AREA PAL TSECHEN LING)
August 8: Dharma Talk on Parting from the Four Attachments (EWAM CHODEN, San Francisco Bay Area)
August 11-12: EUGENE, OREGON (Information to Come)
August 14-15: Vajrakilaya Empowerment and Teaching on Transference of Consciousness (NORTHWEST TIBETAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION, Portland, OR)
August 18-19: Cakrasamvara Empowerment (SAKYA MONASTERY OF TIBETAN BUDDHISM, Seattle, WA)